MRCOOL Mini-Stat Thermostat White

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The Mini-Stat Thermostat-like Smart Kit makes measuring and setting the temperature easy! 

The wireless MRCOOL® Mini Stat Infrared WiFi Thermostat converts your MRCOOL® ductless mini split air conditioner to a smart AC, enabling you to control it from anywhere using the MRCOOL® SmartHVAC App. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Use the Mini-Stat to manage a full range of Air Conditioner actions including modes, swing positions, fan speeds and more. Conserve your MRCOOL Mini-Stat’s power and enter into battery saving mode.

Includes Wall Mounting Plate, Table Stand, Power Adaptor and USB Cable.


- Touch Panel - Easy & Elegant Controls: Comfort is at your fingertips with easy-to-use touch display

Smartphone App - Control Heating & Cooling from Anywhere: If you have WiFi, you can control your HVAC system from anywhere where you have internet access

Global Controls - Every Room, One App: Control all your MRCOOL units from a single smartphone App

- Voice Controls - Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant: The Mini‑Stat is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Programmable - Set it and Forget it: Easy to use schedule programming built in or on your smart phone

Auto Remote Detection - Thermostat or Remote is Up to You: Auto Remote Detection will allow the remote to override the thermostat when in range

Timeline of Actions - Who, What, When: See Your Use History... The app will keep track of changes made to your system

Precision Controls - Accurately Adjust Comfort: Fine tune your settings for accurate comfort control

Location-Based Controls - Adjust for Here and Away: Want the air on when you walk in and off when you drive away? Set parameters based on your location.

Comfy Mode (Temperature) - Automate Temperature Settings: Temperature is important to comfort...Monitor & Control temperature in real time -or- Use Comfy Mode to automate settings and achieve your desired temperature moderation

Comfy Mode (Humidity) - Automate Humidity Settings: Humidity is important to comfort...Monitor & Control humidity in real time -or- Use Comfy Mode to automate settings and achieve your desired humidity moderation

Air Filter Status - No Dirty Air: They last a long time and you may forget to clean them. This feature estimates suggested cleaning of your unit's filter.

Zone Controls - 1:1 Independent Control: One Thermostat to one Air Handler gives you independent controls for multiple areas all from a single smartphone app

Usage Statistics - Monitor & Save Energy: Track your usage and optimize your settings to find energy "leaks" and lower your bill by up to 25%

Warranty - 1-year Warranty: The Mini‑Stat comes with a standard 1-year registered warranty for the original registered owner



Mini‑Stat® Brochure

Mini‑Stat® User Manual

Mini‑Stat® Installation Instructions

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